Welcome new URAP Scholars

by roanokecollege on October 14, 2011

Welcome new URAP Scholars! The Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (URAP) would like to welcome our newest batch of freshmen to the program:

Elsa is seated


Elsa Weiboldt will be working with Dr. Rachel Collins on “Assessing the Role of Exotic Earthworms on Forest Understory Diversity”



Annie is standing


Annie Shreckhise will be working with Dr. Matt Rearick on “Understanding the Choices We Make: A Psychological, Physiological and Kinematic Examination of Human Motion”





Logan Brown will be working with Dr. Vern Miller on “Reactions of Amine Iodoboranes with Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Oxygen Double Bonds”





Ashley Nyitray will be working with Dr. Tim Johann on “Investigations of the Enzyme 5,10-Methenyltetrahydrofolate Synthetase”



Michelle is on the right


Michelle Pasier will be working with Dr. Cathy Sarisky on “Purine Biosynthesis in Archaea”





Davalyn Pugh will be working with Dr. DB Poli on “A Rock Garden: Understanding Botany through Natural History”



(not pictured) Nathan Sliwa will be working with Dr. Chad Morris on “Community-Based Public Health Promotion: Diet and Non-Communicable Disease in Palau”

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