Katherine Frisch presents on the Rally ’round the Flag Effect at the ISA Conference

by roanokecollege on December 3, 2013


Katherine Frisch recently travelled to the International Studies Association South Annual Conference in Charlotte, NC to present her research project, “An Analysis of the Rally ‘round the Flag Effect: International Conflicts, Presidential Approval Ratings, and Multilateralism.” Her project analyzed the relationship of the United Nations Security Council and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on American presidential approval ratings when the United States is involved in conflict.

“In the scholarship, there is this phenomenon known as the rally ‘round the flag effect where presidential approval ratings will increase following a militarized interstate dispute, yet there is a wide variation in those spikes. In my paper, I argued that multilateral support from the UNSC and/or NATO served as the underlying factor for those variations in spikes in approval ratings when the United States is involved in conflict.”

Katherine began this research project in her research methods class in the Public Affairs department and her professor asked her to continue the research outside of class.

“After completing research methods, I was curious to further analyze my results and create some conclusive data as I could not within the time limits of the class, so these research opportunities were an ideal way for me to answer my questions about the study and to continue working on the project.“

Katherine’s faculty advisor for this project was Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O’Keef. Katherine explains that working on this project with Dr. O’Keef has allowed her to grow in many ways.

“When working with Dr. O’Keef, I was able to bounce ideas and ask a number of questions that I would have previously either ignored or just not seen, but based on this experience I saw myself grow as a student in all of my studies. Further, working with a professor has taught me to take more responsibility as you and only you are accountable for your research. I am a more concise writer, more productive, and much more enthusiastic about my studies than I was prior to this experience. I really enjoyed working one on one with a professor as it allowed me to learn more thoroughly than in just a classroom setting and I have grown tremendously through this process.”


As far as getting to present her research, Katherine says:

“It was really exciting being able to present my research. I have spent a lot of time with this project and although the topic may be exciting to me, I really enjoyed being able to interact with others who were also interested in my research and I definitely realized how far this project and I have come through the presentation. After spending almost a year working on this research and hitting numerous obstacles, it can be defeating but presenting my findings and having others be interested in my project solidified why I have continued my research and motivated me for the future.”

Katherine feels that research at Roanoke is a worthwhile experience and she thinks that

“doing research has been the most influential factor on my strength as a student and I would encourage everyone to do it.”

For more information on the ISA Conference please visit:  https://www.isanet.org/Conferences/SouthCharlotte2013.aspx

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