Roanoke College Junior Presents at ASM Conference in San Francisco

by roanokecollege on September 8, 2012

Dr. Brooks Crozier and Reid Mizelle presenting at the ASM conference

Reid Mizelle presented his research project, “The qPCR Detectability of a Bovine-Associated Genetic Marker in Composite Fecal Mixtures and in Microcosms”, at the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in San Francisco this past June. The majority of the attendees at this conference were faculty and graduate students, very few undergraduate students so “for Roanoke College to have a student go to this is fantastic” states Dr. Brooks Crozier, Reid’s faculty mentor.  Dr. Crozier goes on to explain that conferences such as this one are “a good way for students to meet future graduate school faculty as well as students already in graduate school…those connections are critical.” This was Reid’s first time presenting at a national conference and he notes that the highlight was getting to meet a lot of big names and top people in the field. Reid even had the opportunity to meet a microbiologist whose work was referenced in his project.

Reid transferred to Roanoke College at the start of his sophomore year. He had been involved with Microbiology based research at his previous school and knew coming in that he wanted to do research here as well. Reid mentions that this has been “one of the best things I can take away from my undergraduate career. I’ve learned things in three years of undergrad that most people won’t get to; it gives me a step up.” Dr. Crozier points out that “I fully involve my students in my research projects to the point where they are helping to drive it.” He also mentions that Reid is “one of the most motivated students I’ve had” and that high motivation is what will get a student the opportunity to present at a national conference.

Reid’s advice to incoming freshman thinking about research is to “jump in the lab as soon as you can, the earlier you do, the more advanced your research can become.” Dr. Crozier recommends that freshman not only talk to their professors and advisors but also, “when other students are in a research lab, poke your head in and take a look at it.”

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