Come to the RC Family Weekend Showcase of Research & Creativity this Friday

by roanokecollege on September 27, 2012

Roanoke College invites you to the “Family Weekend Showcase of Research & Creativity”, which takes place on Friday, September 28, 2012. Student Presentations will be held in Fintel Library in the rear of the library’s main floor from 5:45pm-8pm and poster presentations will be held in Smoyer Gallery (Olin Hall) from 6-8pm. Students and faculty from all disciplines will be sharing their research and creative works on a variety of topics. All are welcome. Free to the public.

Some of the poster presentation topics include “Zinc Toxicity in Plants”, “The Relationship between Perceived Fitness Status and Physical Activity Level”, “Developing a Measure of Climate for Learning”, “Brain Activity while viewing Attractive and Unattractive Faces”, “Implementation of a Yeast Expression System”, and some of the oral presentation topics include “The Economic Role of the Mexican Sweatshops”, “Unveiling the Life of a Banker”, “An Analysis of Leonardo and Raphael’s Drawings”, and much more!! Be sure to check back here on the RC Research blog next week for highlights from the showcase.

The program (including abstracts) is available here:

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