Measuring college student wellness: More than booze and biceps? Summer Scholar Emma Webb (’15) explains

by roanokecollege on September 18, 2013

Emma Webb (’15) spent her summer focused on measuring student wellness.

“Many colleges offer different types of wellness programs to students. Programs can range from a self-defense class, to a competition reach ideal BMI, to a lecture series on emotional well being. One thing missing from these programs is a comprehensive way to measure student wellness and therefore the impact of the program.”

Emma helped to develop an index to numerically measure student wellness using a  Health Economics approach:

“The index score is derived from survey responses and measures physical, emotional, social, spiritual, academic, intellectual, and environmental wellness specific to college students and college campuses.”

Emma Webb

As a Summer Scholar,

“I loved having a whole summer to focus solely on a research project. I was able to do so much more than I would ever have been able to during the school year.”

Emma’s faculty mentor for this project was Dr. Alice Kassens. Emma advises student researchers to

“create benchmarks with your faculty mentor from the beginning so you keep yourself focused and don’t get slammed at the end of the project.”

Emma is a double major in Economics and Political Science. Emma plants to turn her project into a Wellness Program proposal for Roanoke College this year. In addition to her research, Emma will also be going to Washington DC for her spring semester to take political science classes and intern with an agency in DC.


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