Summer Scholar Michelle Pasier (’15) researched genes that could be a potential target for a new tuberculosis treatment

by roanokecollege on September 30, 2013

Michelle Pasier (’15) is a biochemistry major and

“my research has been verifying that a certain gene, a segment of DNA that functions as instructions to make a product, codes for a protein it is assumed to provide the instructions in the organism Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This protein, adenylosuccinate synthetase, is of interest as it could be potential target for a new tuberculosis treatment.”

Michelle mentions that one of the benefits of being a Summer Scholar is

“a blunt taste of what working in one’s field really entails, while still having time to tweak one’s plan. I prefer summer research because it allows me focus and clarity on my project and the ability to step back and think through why I want to do this. Summer Scholars has a great program for not only allowing research to occur in your field of interest but also preparing you for other aspects of research, such as presentation skills.”

Dr. Cathy Sarisky and Michelle Pasier

Dr. Cathy Sarisky and Michelle Pasier

Michelle’s faculty mentor for this project was Dr. Cathy Sarisky. Michelle advises other student researchers to

“get to know your mentor and let them get to know you. Once you know your mentor’s style of research and their personal expectations it is much easier to get the results you want.”

Michelle plans to continue working on this research project, through URAP, with Dr. Sarisky this year “Characterizing a PurA in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.”


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