Three Students Present at Sociology Conference

by roanokecollege on April 3, 2014


Three students recently presented their research projects at the Eastern Sociological Society Conference. Alex DeLaricheliere presented her project on “The Influence of the Media on HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Attitudes among College Students: 1980’s to Today,” Amelie Rives presented her project on “Victim Blaming and Slut Shaming, the Media’s Influence on Victims of Sexual Assault,” and Marc Berenson also presented another phase of the HIV project.

Alex has been doing research at Roanoke for three years now and she got involved in it when her advisor recommended it to her. “Coming into Roanoke, I didn’t think that sociologists could conduct research at the undergraduate level, but I’m really glad that so many professors were talking about all of the opportunities in the department. Research for me was almost like an internship: learning how to do research has helped me to obtain the skills I will need to continue into graduate school and conduct my own research projects.”

Amelie started doing independent research last year although it has always been an interest of hers. “What people initially don’t realize is how creative the scientific process is. Being able to apply my imagination to a social problem really keeps me coming back to research.”

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Both Alex and Amelie worked with Dr. Shannon Anderson on their research projects. Alex explains that they “worked very closely together during all of the phases of the project, and she became a really valuable mentor for me. She let me have a lot of ownership over the project, which I appreciated, but was always there to answer any questions I had.” Amelie also points out that she has “made a lasting relationship with her and we really see eye to eye. I also feel so comfortable asking her questions, which is something everyone should be doing!”

As for advice to students considering research, both Amelie and Alex feel it is a valuable experience. Alex points out that “getting involved in research may seem daunting at first, but there are research opportunities in nearly every academic field that will suit your interests and really help you to expand your skills and your resume. Plus, you get to form even more close bonds with faculty members who can guide you, provide you with advice and become strong mentors for you.”

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