Roanoke College Research Assistant Spotlight: Elizabeth Bullock

by roanokecollege on May 15, 2015

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The Work Study Research Assistant program (WSRA) is one of the various research opportunities at Roanoke College where students can participate in doing research with a professor. In the Work Study program, students are paid for their help in the research project they are affiliated with. Any student can work with a faculty member throughout all the departments on campus. One example of a student in WSRA is Elizabeth Bullock, a freshman at Roanoke College. Elizabeth works in the English department with Dr. Almeder. She began doing research in September 2014.

When Elizabeth was asked about how doing research with professor was, she said:

“It’s great! You really get to experience a lot more working with a professor. I have learned a lot more than I would have not working with Dr. Almeder.”

Elizabeth says the greatest benefit to being in WSRA program is:

“Being closer to the professors and jumping into experiences. By the end, I’ll have all this weird knowledge about stuff I didn’t even know existed. It’s a crazy experience and a lot of fun.”

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