Roanoke College students present at Virginia Tech conference

by roanokecollege on June 24, 2015

Virginia Tech Peace Conference

Pictured above from left to right: Jessica Compton, Wesley Knowles, Daniel Osborne, and Kelsey Reedy.

Daniel Osborne, now a junior at Roanoke College, presented his research on individualism in America and its effects on human well-being. Daniel traveled to Virginia Tech with his fellow presenters Jessica Compton, Wesley Knowles, and Kelsey Reedy and Doctors Mike Heller and Srikanth Mallavarapu in early February, 2015.

When asked about his experience on conducting and presenting research, Daniel says:

“Working with Dr. Mike Heller and Dr. Srikanth Mallavarapu was a wonderful experience. Both offered gentle, thoughtful guidance throughout the process of our presentation’s formation. Presenting my research at a conference made me feel important. To be able to share your work and ideas with an eager audience feels wonderful. It reminded me that my academic work has relevance beyond course grades and GPA records. The conference reminded me that my thoughts and writings can prompt reflection in my peers. Presenting research is certainly a challenge that stands outside the comfort zones of many students. However, Roanoke College’s many research opportunities are a special chance for undergraduate students to discover.”

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