Summer Scholars Introduction: Courtney Yoke and Adam Ferguson

by roanokecollege on October 3, 2015

The Summer Scholar program enrolled thirteen students in 2015. Today we introduce the last two scholars that have yet to be covered on our blog: Courtney Yoke and Adam Ferguson.


Courtney Yoke

Courtney Yoke is a junior at Roanoke College, majoring in Psychology. She is from Mentor, Ohio where she attended Hawken High School. Courtney has been a member of the cyberpsychology research lab, under the direction of Dr. Denise Friedman, since the second semester of her freshman year. In that time, she has co-authored two posters, one of which she was the first author. Courtney is also a member of Psi Chi and a part of the Roanoke College Honors Program.

Courtney’s project is titled: “Bringing Back the Night: Examining Whether Time Away from Technology Influences Well-Being and Reflection in Emerging Adults”. Her project examined the argument researchers have made about the impossibility of functioning without technology in modern times. Courtney collected and analyzed data on young adults about their reflection on their time away from their technology.

adam ferguson

Adam Ferguson

Adam Ferguson is a senior at Roanoke College, majoring in art. He enjoys painting, drawing, and sculpture, but also enjoys working on art digitally. When he is not busy with his major, Adam plays soccer, works with music, and volunteers. He is also the president of the Men’s Club Soccer Team at Roanoke College and a member of the co-ed acapella group: The Roanotes.

Adam’s project is titled: “A Sense of Emotion”. His project involved artistic exploration of the human body, in which he connected human physiology and human emotion. Adam created drawings, paintings, sculptures, and sketches of the human body. He also conducted textual research, consulted with his project advisor, Dr. Shortridge, and made visits to art galleries for inspiration. Adam’s goal was to take the understanding of the human body to a heightened level through exposure and experience.

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