URAP Student Spotlight: Emily Searles

by roanokecollege on November 13, 2015


The Undergraduate Research Assistants Program (URAP) is a program where students work one on one with a faculty member on a research project together. Students apply their senior year of high school and can work on their research program for four years. Emily Searles, a sophomore at Roanoke College, is a URAP student working in the chemistry department. Her topic investigates nanocrystals and their use for fluorescence in LEDs and other forms of light. Emily’s work involves making copper indium sulfide nanocrystals with a silver gallium shelling and then optimizing the fluorescence in the crystals. She then changes different variables in the experiment to see the differences.
Emily learned that working with her project adviser, Dr. Hughes, was a big help.

“It is great working with a professor because they understand what you know and what you need to learn while doing research and really help to propel you forward in the department.”

To anyone considering doing research, Emily says:

“Research is a great way to develop skills outside of the classroom that will be beneficial in helping gain real world experience in the lab. The opportunities Roanoke gives students are outstanding and as a student you can fully encompass Roanoke through research”

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