Work Study Research Assistant Spotlight: Kevin Oakey

by roanokecollege on February 19, 2016



Kevin Oakey is a senior at Roanoke College participating in the work study research assistant program. In the program, students are hired and paid to work alongside a professor on a research project. A variety of research projects are spread across all the academic departments on campus.

Kevin first became interested in the work study program while searching for an on campus job. After looking into the program he decided it would be an excellent activity for a resume and applied for a position. He now works in the Economics department with Dr. Kassens. The two are conducting research for an economic textbook that relates criminal activity to economics.

Kevin has enjoyed working with Dr. Kassens so far.

“Professor Kassens is a fantastic mentor and really helps steer me in the right direction with research methods and materials. I really enjoy learning about two topics that intrigue me.”

Kevin’s advice to anyone considering research is to understand the importance of time management.

“You don’t want research to completely overtake your schoolwork but you do want to be able to set a time to get usable and thorough research.”

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