Research Fellows Spotlight: Katie Edwards

by roanokecollege on February 15, 2018

The Research Fellows program allows incoming students to get involved in research from the beginning of their career at Roanoke. Students work with a faculty mentor in a subject that they are interested in and create a research project. After they finish or complete a substantial part of their research, students present their projects at conferences both on and off campus.

Katie Edwards is a sophomore who has been working with Dr. Kassens on their research project about healthcare access in developing countries.

“Dr. Kassens has been working on writing a paper and book chapter that focuses on the connection between spatial relation to healthcare facilities in Papua New Guinea and malnutrition among children.  Since this project is nearing the end, I am now getting started on a new project focusing on Nepal.”

Katie decided to apply for the Research Fellows after seeing an ad for it on the Roanoke website. She first got into her topic after switching majors.

 “I came into Roanoke as a science major, and when I switched to business I thought I would have to stop doing research. However, Dr. Lassiter got me in contact with a few business professors. When I met with Dr. Kassens, I was very interested in what she was working on so I decided I wanted to help.”

Katie has really enjoyed her experience in the program and working with Dr. Kassens.

“My research advisor is so understanding and patient. She always makes sure I am not stressed and gives me the time I need.  At the same time, she pushes me by showing me new resources I would not have known about and has opened my mind to issues I did not know existed. Other students in the program have blown my mind with all of the amazing things they are capable of and have encouraged me to keep going with my research.”

To anyone considering research, Katie urges you to get involved.

“I would really encourage getting involved with research, whether it be through the Research Fellows program, a different program, or just on their own. It is not just for people in science departments! If I am doing business/economics related research, anyone can do research in any department.”

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