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by kmainsah on February 21, 2019

I asked some fellow students frequently asked questions about research and all it entails. Here are their responses.

Why would someone want to do research?

It allows you to further explore areas that you are interested in and connect with professors. It also gives you opportunities to present your research and know more about the research helps you to become more prepared for graduate school or jobs you are interested in

-Rachel Harmon

Why would someone be interested in doing research in the summer as opposed to during the semester?

Doing research during the summer allows the student to have more focus on the research than they would be able to have during the semester. Solely doing research during the summer allows for a deeper understanding of the topic, creates a familiarity with techniques, and strengthens the bond between the research student and the research professor.

                             -Madalyn Wheeler


Doing research in the summer is beneficial because it is the main focus, so you get more out of it. When you do research during the semester, sometimes it is pushed back as a last priority thing that you get to when you have time. 

                      -Claire Aurand


What was your summer research experience like?

My summer research experience was very beneficial to my thought process about what career path I might want to pursue. It made me want to apply for an REU this summer and then consider a career path that involves genetics research.

                             -Madalyn Wheeler


Summer is a laid-back way to get more hands-on experience in a setting of your choice. I was taking summer classes and was still allowed to participate in research. I had limited lab hours due to class, but through what I did I gained a lot of knowledge at a fast pace. 

                             -Claire Aurand


Why did you choose to do off-campus research?

I chose to do off-campus research for the ability to do work in facilities that aren’t available here on campus. I wanted to be able to do work in a field (fluid dynamics) that I wouldn’t normally have access to. My off-campus research experience was more than I hoped for. I was able to experience graduate type research in a field that isn’t offered here on campus. I was able to use different facilities and work closely with my graduate adviser and a graduate student that worked in the same field. I was given insight into what my potential research would be able to look like.

                      -William Lambert



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