RC Showcase of Research & Creativity

by kmainsah on September 5, 2019

On April 5th, approximately 40 RC students had the opportunity to present their work at the Roanoke College Showcase of Research and Creativity. 

Top awards went to . . .

First Place: Katie Hefele –– Cardiac function in the American lobster: How does pericardial sinus pressure relate to pressure inside the heart? 

Dr. Dar Jorgensen, Biology

Second Place: Matt Johnson –– Kinetics studies of archaeal PurO and PurH1-related cyclohydrolases

Dr. Cathy Sarisky, Chemistry

Third Place was a tie between: 

Kasey Ansell –– Active Commuting and Weight-Related Health Status in Elementary School-Aged Youth: A Preliminary Investigation

Dr. Liz Ackley, Health and Human Performance

Erin McDonnell –– Effects on nervous system development and anxious state behavioral patterns of zebrafish (Danio rerio) from short term exposure to Tributyltin (TBT)

Dr. Chris Lassiter, Biology

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