Summer Scholar Research Highlights

by kmainsah on September 10, 2019

Dylan Sullivan ’20

Major: Chemistry

Title: Development of a Low-Cost Fluorescence Spectrometer

Abstract: The technique of fluorescence spectroscopy utilizes light to determine unknown concentrations of molecules. The actual instrument used, a fluorimeter, costs over $30,000 so most students lack access to learn about and use this technique. In this research, I propose to develop a fully-functional LEGO-based fluorimeter as a cost efficient alternative to a commercial fluorimeter. Specifically, I will determine how various components and engineering designs affect the LEGO fluorimeter’s performance. Afterwards, I will then utilize this instrument to characterize the speed of an enzymatic reaction, with an end goal of developing a laboratory experiment to be used by Roanoke College students.

Something about the scholar: Dylan is from Fredericksburg, Virginia and is currently a senior at Roanoke College. He is majoring in Chemistry and is looking to attend a graduate program for a Ph.D. in Chemistry after his graduation. Dylan is also currently working as a chemistry departmental assistant under Dr. Keithley’s mentorship. When it comes to chemistry courses he has previously taken, he enjoys organic chemistry and quantitative chemistry the most.


Andrew Webb ’20

Major: Applied Computer Science

Title: Creating Interactive Fire Spread in VR

Abstract: The project is focusing on creating a program that can take the United States Forest Service’s Fire Spread data and put it into a Virtual Reality space. From there, the Virtual Reality space will be used to create training programs for US Forest Service Firefighters to better learn how to handle forest fires.

Something about the scholar: Andrew is a Senior Applied Computer Science Student. A New Mexican student, he prefers to consider himself a Roanoker. When he isn’t busy working on VR forests, he likes to explore the local ones.

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