Research Highlight: Jamie Obremski

by kmainsah on September 7, 2020

I had the opportunity to talk to recent RC grad Jamie Obremski about her research experience. She had the opportunity to present her research at the Southeast Decision Science Institute (February 2020).

Why did you decide to do research?

I am a part of the Honors Program here at RC and this research is a part of my Distinction Project.

Can you describe what your research project is about?

My research project is on the topic of financial literacy in college students.  I worked on measuring the financial literacy, or lack thereof, of Roanoke College students and determining ways to lessen this gap.

What made you decide to pursue your topic?

One of the biggest gaps experienced by college students is financial knowledge and responsibility. Students are beginning to take more control over their personal finances at this age and lack the skill and knowledge to make responsible financial decisions. Therefore, I wanted to see if there was any way to help resolve this issue since it is such an important life skill.

Talk about the conference experience?

Attending this conference was a positive experience for me. I was exposed to a lot of different levels of research, some from college students like me and some from experienced professionals.  I enjoyed being able to learn about different projects being done and also hear some feedback about my own project from outsiders.

Why would someone be interested in presenting your findings at a conference?

Financial literacy is a topic that everyone needs to have familiarity in. As students grow older and have to face the “real” world, it is becoming apparent that the education system is not doing well at preparing students for this responsibility. Making this more well-known will hopefully bring attention to this issue and help find a way to resolve it.

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