Publication Highlight: Kasey Cooper, Bennet Franz, Alexander Kramer, Zoe Krut, Dr. Christopher Lassiter, Jonathon Morgan, and Dr. Benjamin Walker

by anlindo on January 19, 2024

Roanoke’s biology department had a major win over winter break with the acceptance of a publication in the Zebrafish journal. Congratulations are due to six former RC biology lab students: Kasey Cooper (’24), Bennet Franz (’22), Alexander Kramer (’17), Zoe Krut (’20), Jonathon Morgan (’16), Dr. Benjamin Walker, and RC biology professor, Dr. Christopher Lassiter, who are the main authors of this publication. The article discusses the effects of fipronil on zebrafish craniofacial and heart development.

Of the six former students, five are alumni who studied biology at Roanoke and are utilizing their degrees in multiple ways. Bennet is working on his MD at Louisiana State University, Alexander is an Aquaculture Technologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Zoe is a Research Assistant in the Surgery Department at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Jonathon is the Director of Regulatory Project Management and Operations at Akouous, and Dr. Walker is an Internal Medicine doctor at the Lynchburg General Hospital.

The publication can be expected in April 2024. Congratulations again to Dr. Lassiter and our former RC students!!!

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