Student Spotlight

by Alexis Hartranft on April 4, 2022

Repost: Back when she was a freshman, Charissa Roberson ‘22 wanted to write a bilingual play. The French and creative writing double-major was researching World War II to find storylines to inspire her when she found two photographs that grabbed her attention. Three years of research later, Roberson has created an immersive, bilingual experience that she will present at 7 p.m. Saturday in the Wortmann Ballroom at the Colket Center. The presentation, “The Crossroads of Saint-Lô”, examines the lives of two men — Major Thomas Howie, U.S. Army Infantry Officer, and French resistance fighter Raymond Robin — who died in that area during the war. Wonderful work, Charissa! Find more about Charissa’s work here:–AONvSDb1GvJq9rXDB3IcXLQIPSvBaFNv1ajvVDnQ-hpc6k

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