Student Spotlight

by Alexis Hartranft on April 11, 2022

Repost: Sophomore Katherine Vaughan works at the Dilly Dally café in Salem and demonstrates her business background through her involvement in their Reading Rewards initiative. Katherine says, “The Reading Rewards promotion is a part of our effort to ‘spread some sunshine’ [Dilly Dally’s tagline]”. Here’s how Reading Rewards, which is open to preschoolers through fifth graders, works: Students can pick up a bookmark at the Dilly Dally. Once they’ve read five books, they write on the bookmark the titles of those five books. They can then bring the bookmark back to the Dilly Dally and receive a free kiddie scoop of ice cream. Through creating colorful bookmarks for kids, Katherine hopes, “that the project inspires kids of all ages to form a lifelong love of reading.”

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