Summer Scholars Spotlight

by mlreynolds on June 8, 2022

As we begin to start a summer of research, it is time to introduce our Summer Scholars! 

Jennie Costa is a double major in Art History and History. This summer, she is working with Dr. Leslie Warden on the project “Visiting an Ancient Egyptian Oasis: What Ceramic Artifacts from ‘Split Rock’ Can Reveal About Ancient Travelers and the Paths they Chose.” As she explains, many popular accounts of Ancient Egypt focus on the artifacts of the elite, which although interesting, exclude a massive portion of the population. This research, conducted using everyday ceramic artifacts from the North Kharga Oasis Survey, aims to provide insight into the use patterns of the oasis, a sanctuary for travelers. For the Egyptians, the desert was an unforgiving and brutal region, far outside the known and welcoming world of the Nile Valley. The oasis was a crucial stopping point before travelers faced the dangerous conditions of the deshret, and the ‘things’ people left behind at Kharga Oasis provide insight into the function of the site.

Keep an eye out for more introductions of our Summer Scholars!

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