Summer Scholars Spotlight

by mlreynolds on June 10, 2022

Next up, we have Davis Tingle. Davis is a rising senior expecting to graduate with math and computer science degrees. As a summer scholar, he is working on optimizing drone delivery in rural and city landscapes. Outside of academics, Davis is a lead guide with Outdoor Adventures and is one of two R-house volunteer coordinators.

This summer, Davis is working with Dr. Shende on the project “Drone Delivery Optimization in Mixed Fields.” He explains: My project’s focus is researching optimization methods for autonomous drone delivery. In recent years drones have become viable options for delivery agents as they are fast and environmentally friendly. Therefore, anyone who orders packages from the internet will benefit from this research. I plan to optimize a scenario in which a train drops off pods containing both goods and a drone to service the area. My goal is to find ways to minimize parameters like 1) total flight time and distance, 2) number of drones and pods used, and 3) the total time and distance for the train.

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