Summer Conference Spotlight

by mlreynolds on August 10, 2022

Ahmed Abusultan attended the 14th Annual Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium during the last week of July. His research revolved around understanding how humans develop the coordination patterns we use when walking, focusing on the relationship between the arms and the legs. For his project, he looked at the utilization of trekking poles to simulate having four limbs to walk rather than two. The main question Ahmed focused on was what the chances are of having the same coordination pattern when walking without trekking poles versus with the trekking poles. The results came out to be that there is a 1/12th chance of having the same coordination pattern after not receiving instruction. This research serves biomechanical engineers in their work to construct more coordinated artificial limbs or robotics with similar functions. Physical therapists can also use this research to assist those who have lost their ability to walk and are relearning how to be mobile again.

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