Alumni Spotlight

by mlreynolds on September 5, 2022

Kavya Iyer is a recent alum of Roanoke College, having graduated this past spring. This summer, she had the opportunity to work in a research lab as part of the Diversity Summer Internship Program at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Kavya worked specifically in the Population, Family, and Reproductive Health Department where she studied some of the metrics or tools, used to assess the quality of care amongst patients receiving contraceptive family planning counseling services globally. This department aimed to compile all these resources by undertaking a systematic review to understand whether some of the common themes from these metrics aligned with the standardized quality of care frameworks used in the field.

Kavya’s research was presented at both the Leadership Alliance National Conference in Connecticut in late July and in front of other professionals at the School of Public Health in Baltimore. There, she was able to meet students, faculty, and researchers from all backgrounds that conducted amazing research in the sciences and social sciences from a wide variety of incredible schools across the country. Kavya wishes to ease others’ worries about presenting at conferences, as it is intimidating at first but to remember that everyone else in attendance is there to cheer you on. Remember, you are the expert on your study and that’s what matters!

Q: What did you love about Research at Roanoke College?

A: The rigor of the classes and ample opportunities to conduct research really increased my abilities to navigate the complex field of research as a graduate student. The professors at Roanoke are there to make sure you learn, succeed, and have fun, and I can’t thank them enough for it! I’m looking forward to continuing my passion of advocating and learning about pediatric health and development into my graduate school years.

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