Ever wonder how a composer decides what words to use in a song and what music should go along with it? Summer Scholar Emily Leimbach (’14) explains in her project on art song

by roanokecollege on September 16, 2013

Emily Leimbach (’14) spent the summer researching the many ways that people respond emotionally to music. Specifically,

“I worked towards understanding different ways to illustrate music with a connection to its text. After understanding these different viewpoints, I applied them to my own study of a musical piece, Fauré’s ‘Chant d’automne’.”

Emily mentions that Summer Scholars gave her a chance to experience research before leaving Roanoke.

“Summer Scholars allowed me to devote all of my time to learning, understanding my research, and applying it how I chose. I would not have completed nearly has much if I had done it during the year.”

Emily Leimbach

Emily’s faculty mentor for her research project was Dr. Gordon Marsh. She notes that

“Your faculty mentor is there to see you succeed! You should not be intimidated to ask them a question or come to them with the problem. Oftentimes, they will give you just enough to lead you in the right direction.”

This year Emily is directing the all-female a Cappella group Mainstreet, working as a Writing Center tutor, and beginning her senior project which will focus on teaching others the connection of music and poetry. Emily will be graduating in the spring with a major in music and a double minor in elementary education and music education.

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