Biochemistry Summer Scholar Rose Kohinke (’14) explored recent advancements in sustainable chemistry

by roanokecollege on September 15, 2013

Rose Kohinke (’14) spent her summer in the Chemistry lab exploring recent advancements in sustainable chemistry. In particular, her project explored

“the reactivity of silica sulfuric acid, which is a novel development that can help build complex and important molecules in a faster and cleaner manner.”

Regarding full-time research through Summer Scholars:

“I learned more laboratory techniques (and improved old ones) in 3 months of  Summer Scholars than I did in 3 years of regular classroom experiences.”

“If it worked the first time, we wouldn’t call it research”

Our research t-shirts include the above quote to remind ourselves that failures and frustrations are all part of the process. Rose agrees that

“the hardest part about doing research is realizing that failures can (and will) happen, especially in a chemistry laboratory…search for potential solutions and treat each mistake as a learning experience.

Rose Kohinke

Rose’s faculty mentor for this project was Dr. Skip Brenzovich, an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Rose advises other students doing research to

“ask your faculty mentor questions! Professors are experts in their fields and want to share their knowledge, as long as you are willing to listen and learn. I don’t know how many times I have approached Dr. Brenzovich with a ‘small’ question regarding my project, and ended up hearing a 30 minute lecture that taught me more than a structured classroom setting could have accomplished.”

Rose found that applying her knowledge from the class directly to her project helped her to better retain and understand it.

Rose is currently applying to pharmacy school.



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