Student Spotlight

by Alexis Hartranft on October 4, 2021

This week we are excited to highlight Senior Audrey Mason who is working with Dr. Kelly Anderson in the Chemistry Department. When asked to describe her research, Audrey says, “The energy crisis of the mid 1970’s sparked the push for renewable energy. This was the first time there was a threat of running out of fossil fuels which led to the development of renewable energy sources and energy conservation. Thermal energy storage is when energy is stored in the form of heat and held until it is released to be used. This is beneficial when moving towards a greener future because it allows for energy to be stored for an increased duration of time. Although working on a nanoscale, simulations can lay the foundational blueprints for larger projects. The goal of this experiment is to discover the influence of a closed pore on the melting properties of a phase change material, lead. In particular, it was examined if the melting point changed as the volume of the pore increased at two different loading densities.” Keep up the great work! 

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