Student Research Leads to ‘Transformative’ Project in Roanoke

by Alexis Hartranft on October 6, 2021

Dr. Liz Ackley, the Brian H. Thornhill Associate Professor of Health & Human Performance at Roanoke College, and the director of the Center for Community Health Innovation at Roanoke College announced last week that the Northwest Food Access Initiative has received a $10 million dollar earmark from ARPA funds. The Center serves as an avenue for both students to experience real-world learning and a chance for the Northwest neighborhood of Roanoke to improve and flourish because of students’ research. With Dr. Ackley’s efforts and a city panel of volunteers, the creation of this shopping center in Northwest Roanoke is possible. When asked about this project, Dr. Ackley says, “I think the uniqueness of all of this work is that we have a small liberal arts college guiding what could potentially be one of the most transformative project ever in the history of Roanoke.” Soon, Roanoke City will find a developer to begin the first stages of this significant project. We look forward to watching this shopping center come to fruition! 

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